How to extract images from a web page

Ever wanted to extract images from web pages? Now you can with one simple API call.


Repustate’s clean-html API call has been one of our most popular API calls since Day 1. It hasn’t been touched much as its performance was quite good from the get-go, but that changed recently. Now you can extract images as well as the text from any web page.

We had a customer request to add the ability to extract the main image from a web page as well, similar to how Instapaper or Mobile Safari’s “Reader” feature works.

Now by default, when you call clean-html, an image attribute comes back with a URL for the main image, if it exists, for a given article.

Let’s take a look at an example. You’ll need a Repustate API key to try this on your own but it’s free and easy to get one. Let’s take this URL:

and pass it to our API call.

curl -d "url="

And here’s the response:

 {"status": "OK", "text": "To progressive Canadian Catholic ... (shortened for this example)", "image": "", "url": ""}

As you can (kind of) see, there is an ‘image’ key in the JSON response with a URL for the main image of that article.

With this API call, you can create your own version of Instapaper or Readability for your own purposes.

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